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Metal Microporous Noise Barrier

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Microporous noise barrier is often used as the surface layer of sound absorber components in road traffic sound barrier, urban track sound barrier, high-speed rail sound barrier and other sound barrier projects. According to the noise frequency characteristics, perforated sound absorber panels with different perforation rates and apertures can be customized.

The microporous sound barrier has high strength, good toughness, and is not easy to be damaged. It can be bended into various shapes,anti- burning,no absorbed water and moisture,not moldy, environment protection, high-temperature resistant, and can bear the erosion of high-speed air flow.

The microporous noise barrier is suitable for traffic facilities such as railways, urban light rails, high-speed rails, highways, and affected areas such as urban elevated and residential areas.



1). Material


     Metal Type----Galvanized panel, Aluminum panel


2). Hole Shape Design: micro hole, pin hole etc as required.


3).Surface Finish Treatment: powder coated, PVDF coated etc as required.


4).Color: Because of the whole production is finished by our own factory, so any color can be coated. Mostly used are RAL9010(white), RAL1021(yellow), RAL5005(dark blue), RAL5012(light blue), RAL6005(dark green), RAL9005(black), RAL7004(light gray), RAL7005(dark gray).


5). Post Dimension: 100x100mm, 125x125mm, 150x150mm, 175x175mm are mostly used.



Wechat: chinainnovat

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