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Welded Temporary Fence

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Temporary fence panel and base composed of welded mesh panel and tubes. The fence, post and hook will be welded together. Between every two pieces of the fence, we will install them with the steel clamp.


Fence panel  (height x length)

2.1x2.4m, 1.8x2.4m, etc

Wire diameter

3mm, 4mm

Welded mesh opening

60x150mm (popular), 75x75mm, 75x100mm, 60x75mm

Fence frame pipe

32mm (popular), 42mm, 48mm, etc

Fence pipe thickness

1.4mm, 1.8mm or 2mm


suit for different outer diameter pipe, 75mm center space


low carbon steel

Surface treatment

hot dipped galvanized

Fence base material

plastic base with concrete inside

Fence base type

blow molded: 600x220x150mm

injection molded: 560x240x130mm

Extra brace frame tube

32mm, 42mm or 48mm O.D

Brace height



Temporary fence production flow:

Pre hot dip galvanized wire drawing--- cut wire and pipes ---wire welded---cut the corners of the mesh---Pre hot dip galvanized pipes welded—polish the welds—paint anti-rust epoxy—spray sliver powder coat on each welds—packaging


Wechat: chinainnovat

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Skype: unitedmetalmesh

Email: sales@chinainnovat.com

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