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Compare Vinyl-coating of Extruding & Fusing

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Vinyl-coated chain link fence is increasingly used than standard galvanized fence for it enhanced the appearance and improve properties in resisting all kinds of corrosion. According to ASTM F668, there are three types of vinyl-coating: Class I extruded polymer coating, Class 2a extruded and adhered polymer coating and Class 2b fused and adhered polymer coating. Most customers are very confused when they are asked to choose one coating by their supplier. You will find the answer below, and don’t worry about the selection again.


Class I extruded polymer coating refers to the coating will be simply pulled over the wire like a sock over your foot. The coating is thicker than the other two types and the price is the lowest among the three coatings. It is widely used in residential areas.


Class 2a extruded and adhered polymer coating is thinner than Class I. The extruded and bonded wire is bonded to the wire by means of intense glue, less chance to pear from the core wire. It is generally used in commercial applications.


Class 2b fused and adhered polymer coating is the thinnest coating yet the best performance in resisting cracking, pealing and tearing. However, the price is the highest. It is mainly used in engineers, federal projects and architects.



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